• Coastal OceanographyA long-term monthly water quality-sampling program is building a database of ocean currents and seawater temperatures along Florida's southeast coast.

  • Eddies and Internal WavesAOML's Florida Area Coastal Environment (FACE) project is collaborating with CHAMP to undertake ship- and mooring-based studies of the physical oceanography and biogeochemistry of cyclonic vortices interacting with the outer edge of the Florida Reef Tract.

  • Environmental MicrobiologyAOML's Environmental Microbiology Program collaborates with CHAMP by investigating and assessing the discharge of land-based microbial contaminants to the coastal environment and coral reefs that can negatively impact both human health and coral reef health.

  • Ship-Based OceanographyShip-based oceanographic research related to coral reefs is carried on at AOML under the banners of several cooperating projects.