Bleaching ThresholdsTaxa-specific bleaching thresholds based on SST and general circulation models will help project evolving species composition and ecosystem functioning of the reefs.

Lao Lao BayA site survey was conducted at Lao Lao Bay, Saipan, on October 19, 2009, for the purpose of identifying the location of a new CREWS station.

SclerochronologySclerochronology (from the Greek sklero, meaning 'hard', and chronos, meaning 'time') is the study of periodicities stored in accreted hard parts and skeletons of various extant and extinct organisms.

This project was archived in December of 2014.

Florida Keys NMSThe Integrated Marine Protected Area Climate Tools (IMPACT) project. Building upon existing partnerships, NOAA will develop a comprehensive set of climate products, including climatologies, for MPAs through a pilot project at the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary (FKNMS).

In the last decade, progress has been made in reducing the uncertainty associated with global climate models; however uncertainty remains about climate changes at finer geographic scales. Entrusted with the stewardship of many of the most ecologically, economically and socially important marine resources in U.S. waters, managers at NOAA’s Sanctuaries need accurate and timely decision-making tools to take proactive steps in facing the threat climate change poses to the resources.

Basic climate information must be readily available to inform managers of current and expected climatic conditions in their specific region. Like their Marine Protected Area (MPA) colleagues at the local, state and regional level, sanctuary managers are generally ill-equipped to analyze raw climate data on their own. Rather, sanctuary managers require tailored products at scales appropriate to informing them of the status and trends of resources and the changes they should expect both locally and regionally as a result of a changing climate.

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