Nicole Besemer, M.P.S.

  • Senior Research Associate
  • 305-361-4374
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Nicole Besemer is a marine biologist whose work has focused primarily on south Florida and Caribbean ecosystem management and conservation. She received her M.P.S. degree from the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science in 2017 and her previous research efforts include invasive species management, endangered sea turtle conservation and monitoring impacts of Everglades restoration efforts on Biscayne Bay. Besemer has joined ACCRETE as the National Coral Reef Monitoring Program's Caribbean Climate Operations Coordinator. Her work focuses on implementation of the Climate Monitoring Component of NCRMP including but not limited to planning and operation of associated fieldwork as well as data analysis and submission related to how ocean acidification and global warming are affecting coral reef communities in the Atlantic.

Publications: Nicole Besemer, M.P.S.