Ian C. Enochs, Ph.D.

  • Research Ecologist
  • 305-361-4399
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Dr. Ian Enochs is the lead of the Coral Program at the Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory (AOML) in Miami Florida. His research focuses on understanding the responses of corals and reef biota to global change. He is particularly interested in the impacts of warming and ocean acidification on the persistence of coral reef framework structures that provide essential habitat and support numerous ecosystem services. Enochs applies a multidisciplinary approach, conducting research in both the laboratory and the field, as well as developing new technologies to address pressing research questions. He is a PI of the National Coral Reef Monitoring Program, and leads several projects pertaining to the Coral Reef Conservation Program's restoration and climate pillars, as well as NOAA's Omics initiative. Enochs graduated cum laude from the University of Miami in 2006 and later earned his Ph.D. at RSMAS in 2010 for his research on the environmental determinants of coral reef cryptic metazoan biodiversity in Pacific Panama.

Publications: Ian C. Enochs, Ph.D.