Ewelina Rubin, Ph.D.

  • Senior Research Associate
  • 305-361-4408
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ewelina Rubin joined the ACCRETE research team in Nov 2019. She is using RNA-seq methodology to understand transcriptomic responses of corals surviving in marginal reef environments and to provide insight into molecular mechanisms that enable their resilience. Currently, she is contributing to the Urban Coral project, an exciting study of the resilient population of brain coral (Pseudiploria stigosa) that lives in the poor-quality waters near the Port of Miami. She received her MS degree from Nova Southeastern University, FL where she studied stony coral recruitment to ship grounding sites. In addition, she received her PhD from Stony Brook University where she studied molecular mechanisms of pathogenic virulence and host-resistance to disease. She gained additional molecular biology and next generation high throughput sequencing as well as bioinformatics experience during her postdoctoral studies at University of Connecticut and University of Rhode Island. She recently returned to Florida and is hoping to use her research experience to study stony corals and to make her personal contribution to protection efforts for these beautiful animals.