Anderson Mayfield, Ph.D.

Anderson Mayfield joined the AOML ACCRETE team after an extended (11-year) sojourn in the Indo-Pacific, where he split his time between Southern Taiwan’s National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium and the Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation’s (LOF) research vessel, the M.Y. Golden Shadow. At the former institute, Mayfield both carried out global climate change (GCC) simulation experiments in coral reef "mesocosms" and developed molecular biological tools for assessing reef coral health, while his role with LOF was to attempt to document the health of thousands of corals sampled from French Polynesia to the Chagos Archipelago as part the “Global Reef Expedition” (the largest coral reef survey ever undertaken). Mayfield is now attempting to use the molecular biotechnological protocols and coral “stress test” assays he developed in Asia with corals from 1) ACCRETE’s GCC manipulation experiments and 2) the South Florida reef tract (particularly reefs that have been found previously by ACCRETE team members to span a gradient of resilience, from highly heat tolerant to extremely sensitive to environmental perturbations). Mayfield's ultimate goal is to create means of predicting coral health on a pre-death timescale such that coral reef “triage” could be enacted in situ. Other facts about Mayfield can be found below or on his personal website (


  • Nashville, TN (nearly 500 miles from the coast)


  • B.S. in biology: Duke University (2003)
  • M.S. in zoology: University of Hawaii, Manoa (2007; supervisor=Ruth Gates)
  • Ph.D. in zoology: University of Hawaii, Manoa (2009; supervisor=Ruth Gates)

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