SensorThe sea temperature sensor developed for the Opuhala project has been developed with low cost in mind because of the many sites that will be measuring sea temperature in this global project. Click here to see images of the sensor.

Specific Sensors

Sensors have not yet been deployed (as of April 24, 2019).


Click here to download a copy of the Opuhala Sensor document.

Opuhala Software Download

Downloads are available for Mac and Windows platforms, with software and drivers associated with the Opuhala sensor. Click here for Mac and click here for Windows.


The accumulating data are presented on the CHAMP Portal here.


A list of the blogs for each site is provided here, with a link to the specific Blogger site. Field personnel are asked to write input on the blog for any actions they take, such as deploying and cleaning the sensors, photographs of the deployed sites, local bottom topography, “unusual” observations, etc. Photographs of the participants are by all means encouraged!

  • Bangladesh
  • Cheradip
  • Shilbaniar Gula
  • Barashilerbandh