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New Look for CHAMP SiteOn February 27th, 2015 the Coral Health and Monitoring Program (CHAMP) released a redesigned web site to the public. With this release the site takes on a cleaner, more modern look and becomes smartphone- and tablet-friendly, adapting its menus, image sizes and page organization seamlessly to accommodate the size of the visitor's browser window. An informal survey of web sites across NOAA suggests that at present only CHAMP and PMEL have web sites that are smartphone-friendly to this degree. Unlike the previous site redesign in 2010, which was commissioned from an external web developer, the present overhaul was completed entirely in-house by CHAMP's Mike Jankulak. Among other upgrades the site features expanded personnel bios of CHAMP team members and highlights the activities of the newly-christened Acidification, Climate, and Coral Reef Ecosystems TEam (ACCRETE).

This image shows the CHAMP web site before (at left) and after, as loaded into the browser of an iPhone 5S. The old site simply shrinks everything until small enough to load the entire width of the page as it would appear in a desktop browser, and this is common to most NOAA web sites. The new site automatically generates a smartphone-specific menu (at top) and rearranges its content to most prominently display its slideshow of featured articles, complete with large, readable captions.