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  • Sub-surface Automated Sampler

    Sub-surface Automated Sampler

    The sub-surface automated dual water sampler (SAS) was designed to help scientists study water chemistry on shallow reef habitats.

  • Ocean Acidification Product Suite

    OA Product Suite

    A high resolution monitoring product has been developed that maps Ocean Acidification (OA) in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico.

  • National Microbiome Initiative

    Microbiome Initiative

    The National Microbiome Initiative samples communities of micro-organisms that are critical to human health and the world's ecosystems.

  • National Coral Reef Monitoring Program


    The National Coral Reef Monitoring Program gauges the status and trends of coral reef health through long-term measurement of key variables.

  • The ICON Project

    The ICON Project

    The Integrated Coral Observing Network has established a monitoring network to produce ecological forecasts for coral reef ecosystems.

  • CHAMP Portal

    CHAMP Portal

    The CHAMP Portal is an online, map-based query tool for accessing oceanographic and meteorological data from the CHAMP database.

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Allyson DeMerlis obtained her B.S. degree from McGill University studying molecular biology in Spring 2017. She is currently a first-year Ph.D. student at the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science and is interested in studying the molecular basis for coral resilience against bleaching and disease.