This project was archived in December of 2014.

photo credit: Mike White, Florida Keys National Marine SanctuaryWhat Is IMPACT?

Integrated MPA Climate Tools (IMPACT) is a NOAA-wide partnership project that will utilize existing NOAA core capabilities to develop and deliver critical climate-ecosystem tools for informed MPA decision making, climate adaptation and preparedness, and environmental scenarios and forecasts. Tools will be based on scaled, integrated climatologies that help managers, scientists, and the public build and understand ecological response scenarios, as well as inform assessments of climate impacts, fully integrating existing coastal monitoring and observational networks in near-real time. CHAMP is proud to be associated with this bold new initiative.

What Are the Tools?

  • Climatologies (historical events, averages, extremes, trends) of environmental and ecological elements, integrated at the scale of an MPA.
  • Conceptual and probabilistic models to build climate - ecosystem response scenarios for MPA managers at the regional, state and local level.
  • MPA assessment reports on climate scenarios and system response, including eco-climate forecasts that describe the interactions between weather/climate and changes in water quality, habitats, and resources.

Who Will Benefit from IMPACT?

  • National and regional planners who must identify and reconcile gaps in current climate/ecosystem monitoring and enhance assessment efforts.
  • MPA managers who must incorporate climate change into long-range management plans, or who must be able to quickly translate climate information into ecosystem impact stress mitigation efforts.
  • Scientists who need to identify and/or better quantify the relationships between climate and ecosystem at various scales.
  • Stakeholders and the public who may gain more resilient ecosystems, and who will become better informed about climate impacts.

For more information on the IMPACT program as it develops, please click here.