What is the CLEO Program?The CLEO Program leverages techniques developed at NOAA/AOML under the Explorer of the Seas1, Coral Health and Monitoring Program, and Integrated Coral Observing Network (ICON/CREWS) programs, under which knowledge transfer of oceanographic instrumentation and coral reef processes have been developed.

The Educational Modules are being developed primarily for middle school classes. Each module consists of three segments: background information (science behind the instrument), classroom experiment (experiment to test parameter instrument measures), and teacher's section (describes the Educational Objectives / National Science Standards, Preliminary Activities/Demonstrations, Suggestions for teaching the concept, and Follow-up or Extension Activities for the class.).

The goal of the Gray Literature Document Recovery Project part of the CLEO program is to accumulate pre-1990 gray literature in digital (PDF) format to support education, research and management objectives at all the areas where ICON/CREWS stations are being installed. (The ICON/CREWS project is pursuing a U.S. Coral Reef Task Force goal of establishing monitoring stations at all major U.S. coral reef areas by 2010.)

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