CHAMP PortalThe CHAMP Portal is a query tool for accessing oceanographic and meteorological data from the CHAMP database. This database defines many "stations," or latitude-longitude pairs, which may be physical observation platforms of some kind (CREWS pylons, SEAKEYS light towers, or other) or "virtual" stations at points of interest for which remotely-sensed parameters are collected and stored.  It was developed through a partnership between AOML's Ocean Chemistry and Ecosystems Division (OCED) and Hurricane Research Division (HRD), and is based on HRD's Dropsonde Portal page.

New data are loaded into the CHAMP Portal's database in near-real time and often available for query within a few minutes of collection, thanks to the immediate and constant access by CHAMP servers to station dataloggers which is made possible by the cellular modems used throughout the CREWS buoy network.  Additionally there is an ongoing effort to back-load data from the extensive CREWS and SEAKEYS archives.  As of late 2014, data have been loaded back to 1992 for two of the SEAKEYS stations (Molasses Reef, Sombrero Key) and back to 2005 for the current and former CREWS stations, and these data are all queryable via the Portal.

The CHAMP Portal may be found at this URL: