ICON EcoforecastsThe ICON Ecoforecast page provides a central location for integrated near real-time or recent data relating to coral reefs, and also provides ecological forecasts (through artificial intelligence technology) as to the occurrence of specified environmental conditions, as prescribed by modelers, oceanographers and marine biologists.

These ecoforecasts are created using many of the same data sources that feed into the CHAMP Portal, and the data themselves are available for query from this page in raw or summarized form for a fixed window of several months.  However, the ICON Ecoforecast page is based on an expert system and not a database.  Visitors looking for raw data would be best served by the CHAMP Portal, whereas visitors looking for current or archived forecasts or the details of the models used by those forecasts would be best served by the ICON Ecoforecast page.

The ICON Ecoforecast page is currently unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience.