Global Reef Expedition

LOF: Dr. Derek Manzello in the Galapagos IslandsDr. Derek Manzello deploys a pH sensor at Darwin Island in the Galapagos Islands (photo taken by Joshua Feingold).

LOF: Renée Carlton in the Solomon IslandsRenée Carlton getting ready to take a coral sample in the Solomon Islands.LOF: Graham Kolodziej in PalauGraham Kolodziej surveying the reef in Palau (photo credit Ken marks).ACCRETE has been participating on the Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation’s (LOF: Global Reef Expedition since June 2012. Working under the theme "Science Without Borders," the Global Reef Expedition is researching remote coral reef locations around the globe to document their health and better understand which factors are crucial to reef resilience. On board the M/Y Golden Shadow, the LOF research vessel, ACCRETE has conducted ocean acidification monitoring on 10 cruises spanning the Pacific Ocean in the Galapagos Islands, French Polynesia (Society Islands, Tuamoto Archipelago, Gambier Islands), the Cook and Austral Islands, Fiji, Tonga, New Caledonia, Solomon Islands, and Palau. This collaborative effort allows access to remote, international locations so that NOAA scientists can better address the impact of global stressors like climate change and ocean acidification that are being studied on US reefs as part of projects like the National Coral Reef Monitoring Program.