Coastal OceanographyCoastal Oceanography in the Southeast Florida Region

A long-term monthly water quality-sampling program for the southeast Florida coast began in 2009. The program is building a multi-year database of ocean currents (direction and velocity) and seawater temperature along depth profiles at specific sites along Florida's southeast coast.

Specific analyses include sea temperature, salinity, depth, ammonia (NH3 +), nitrite (NO2 -), nitrate (NO3 -), orthophosphate (PO4 -3), silica (SiO2 -2), chlorophyll-a, total suspended solids, turbidity and pH. Measurements are being made at various depths to obtain vertical profiles. The data will be available to the public in accordance with NOAA policy. Results of the program will be used in the elucidation of environmental questions such as the quantitation of the contribution of the various sources of nutrients into Florida's coastal ocean.

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