This page was archived after the Saipan CREWS station was destroyed during the near passage of Typhoon Vongfong in October of 2014. Further details may be found at the station's maintenance log.

Lao Lao BayA site survey was conducted at Lao Lao Bay, Saipan, on October 19, 2009, for the purpose of identifying the location of a new CREWS station.

During the week of June 20, 2010, John Halas, John Starmer, Mark Blackburn and Jim Hendee installed the bottom plate at 15° 9' 24.42" N, 145° 46' 10.62" E, that is, right next to the Laolao Bay Golf Course.

During February or March, 2011, it is anticipated that the final installation of the station will be completed.

The area is immediately adjacent to the Forbidden Island Sanctuary.

Underwater Drilling for the Lao Lao Bay CREWS StationMore information on the site survey can be found on the LLBP7 Field Log.

The ICON web site, showing satellite data for this area, as well as other data, can be found here.