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Gray Literature

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The CLEO, Coral Literature Education and Outreach project, is designed to provide easy access to gray literature and pre-1990's literature on the coral reef environments near the ICON/CREWS monitoring stations. The definition of gray literature applied here is "literature that is difficult to locate, unpublished local environment studies, technical reports and papers published by regional organizations that are not widely circulated".

Documents will be available online in PDF format where copyright permits. Interlibrary lending will also be available for research purposes only when full-text is not available online. Requests can be e-mailed to Linda Pikula.

The Goal of the ICON/CREWS CLEO literature segment is to expand the boundaries of literature reference databases in the monitoring stations geographic areas, and to provide an easily accessible historical baseline of scientific information for individuals concerned with the coral reef environment, whether they be scientists, educators, or students of the environment.

The ICON/CREWS program is a partnership among three NOAA line organizations:

  • Office of Atmospheric Research and National Undersea Research Program support to the Caribbean Marine Research Center (CMRC)
  • National Environmental Satellite Data and Information Services Office of Research Applications
  • National Marine Fisheries Coral Reef Ecosystem Investigation (CREI) program

Partners in literature "discovery" include:

  • CMRC Perry Institute of Marine Science
  • USVI Department of Planning and Natural Resources, Division of Fish and Wildlife
  • USVI Department of Planning and Natural Resources, Division of Environmental Protection
  • USVI Department of Planning and Natural Resources, Coastal Zone Management
  • National Park Service, St. Croix, St.John
  • The Nature Conservancy, St. Croix, St. John
  • Island Resources Foundation Library, St. Thomas and BVI
  • University of the Virgin Islands
  • NOS/NCCOS, Center for Coastal Monitoring, Biogeography Team

If you have appropriate literature for this project, please contact:
Linda Pikula.

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