Friday, February 27, 2015
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  • Ocean Acidification Product Suite

    A high resolution monitoring product has been developed that maps current ocean acidification in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. Read More
  • The ICON Project

    NOAA's Integrated Coral Observing Network (ICON) is a global monitoring project funded by CRCP, HPCC, and AOML in Miami, Florida, where it is based. Read More
  • What is Ocean Acidification?

    Over the past two centuries, humans have dramatically altered the composition of the earth’s atmosphere through deforestation and the burning of fossil fuel. Read More
  • Reef Framework Research

    Climate change has both thermal (warming) and chemical (ocean acidification, OA) ramifications for coral reef ecosystems. Read More
  • Coastal Oceanography

    A long-term monthly water quality-sampling program is building a database of ocean currents and seawater temperatures along Florida’s southeast coast. Read More
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Coral Health and Monitoring Program

Welcome to NOAA's Coral Health and Monitoring Program (CHAMP). Our mission is to provide services and information sources for researchers and the public in order to help improve and sustain coral reef health throughout the world. If you are interested in receiving announcements, news and participating in ongoing discussions via email we also have our coral-list listserve available to you, currently serving over 8000 subscribers worldwide. These services and more can be accessed via the top menu navigation system.


Reef News

  • IMPACT Project +

    Building upon existing partnerships, NOAA will develop a comprehensive set of climate products for MPAs through a pilot project at Read More
  • What is the CLEO Program? +

    The CLEO Program leverages techniques developed at NOAA/AOML under the Explorer of the Seas, Coral Health and Monitoring Program, and Read More
  • Bleaching Thresholds +

    Taxa-specific bleaching thresholds based on SST and general circulation models will help project evolving species composition and ecosystem functioning of Read More
  • Environmental Goal Setting -- MARES +

    The goal of the Marine and Estuarine Goal Setting for South Florida (MARES) Project is to reach a science-based consensus Read More
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